A little kitten

Автор: Низамутдинова Резида Сайделовна
Должность: учитель английского языка
Учебное заведение: Муниципальное автономное общеобразовательное учреждение «Лицей №146 "Ресурс"» Ново-Савиновского района г. Казани
Населённый пункт: город Казань
Наименование материала: учебная программа
Тема: A little kitten
Раздел: начальное образование


A little kitten


учитель английского языка лицея №146 «Ресурс» г. Казани

This story is about a little kitten Manya. One day she loses her way home, playing

near the forest. She meets a lot of kind friends in the forest. They help her find her

parents. At the end of the story Manya invites them to her birthday party.

(Сказка «Преданные друзья» рассказывает о маленькой кошечке Мане, которая

потеряла дорогу домой, играя около леса. В этом лесу она встретила добрых

друзей, которые помогли ей найти своих близких)



Manya’s grandma

Manya’s mother, Cat-Mother

Manya’s father, Cat-Father

Lucy, her sister

Sonya, her sister



Sam, the little fox

Sara, the little fox

Mr.Tom, Father- Hedgehog

Lee, the little hedgehog

Scene I

Scenery: In the grandmother’s house. Manya is four years today. There is a poster

“Happy Birthday” on the wall. Grandma is setting the table. She is busy. Lucy is

playing with her toys.

Grandma: I`m so busy today. I haven`t bought a gift for my Manya yet. Lucy, can

you help me?

Lucy: With pleasure. What should I do?

Grandma: You know that we are having a big party today.

Lucy: I know that Manya will be four today.

Grandma: You are right. That`s why we should prepare everything for today`s party

food, gifts and music.

(Cats appear. They are frightened and upset)

Grandma: What happened? I see you are a bit sad.

Cat-Mother: Yes grandma, we are upset.

Cat-Father: We have lost our Manya.

Grandma: How? Where?

Sonya: We were playing near the forest when we saw an old wolf…

Grandma: An old wolf?

Sonya: We ran away. When we stopped running we saw that Manya hadn`t been

with us.

Grandma: Don`t worry! We should go to the forest and…

Cat-Father: Look for our Manya.

Grandma: You are right. We must hurry up.

Scene II

Scenery: In the forest. Manya is looking for her parents. She is crying. She has a

small basket. There is a bottle of milk and her dad’s telephone number.

Manya: Where is my mum? Where is my dad? I can`t find them (crying) Mummy!

Daddy! Sonya!

Hares appear.

Hare 1: Why are you crying?

Hare 2: Who are you?

Hare 3: Don`t cry.

Manya: (stammering) My name is Manya. I can`t find my mummy, daddy and my

sister Sonya.

Hare 4: Don`t cry. We will help you.

Hare 1: She is so funny. What this? (He is interested in her glasses)

Manya: Glasses. I can`t see without them.

Hare 1: (laughing) We don`t have glasses but we see everything even you.

Hare 2: Don`t cry, Manya.

Hare 3: What is it? (She points to her bottle of milk) I have never seen such white


Manya: It isn`t water. It is milk. I drink it every day that`s why I’m beautiful.

Hare 5: (laughing) Are you beautiful? I can`t believe it.

Hare 4: We don`t drink milk. We eat carrots every day that`s why we are slim and


(Hares are dancing. )

Hare 2: You can dance with us.

(Manya joins them)

Scene III

(Foxes appear)

Fox -Mother: I see you are so happy today. ( looking at Manya) Who are you?

Where are you from?

(Manya wants to play with a little fox)

Sam: Mummy, she wants to eat me.

Fox-Mother: Don`t worry! Who are you, my dear?

Manya: My name is Manya.

Sara: I know her. I saw her in the village last year.

Sam: She was playing with chickens when you wanted to catch them.

Fox-Mother: It`s interesting.

Sara: She wanted to catch and eat me but I managed to escape from her.

Fox-Mother: She is so little to eat you.

Hare 1: We don`t want you to be here. Go away.

Hare 2: Go away! Go away!

Foxes go away. Mr. Tom and his son Lee appear.

Mr. Tom: Good afternoon, my dear friends.

Hares: Good afternoon, Mr. Tom, Lee.

Mr. Tom: I see you are so happy today.

Hare 3: You are right, Mr. Tom but we are a bit upset.

Mr. Tom: Why?

Hare 1: Manya lost her family.

Lee: Don`t worry, Manya. My dad has got a telephone. He can phone your parents.

Mr. Tom: Manya, tell me please your mummy`s phone number.

Manya: (crying) I don`t know. I haven’t got her phone number.

Hare 4: Don`t cry. Maybe you have your daddy`s phone number?

Manya: Yes, I have. It’s in my basket. I can’t read and I don’t know numbers


Lee: Manya, give me your daddy’s phone number. (Lee wants to tell his father

Manya’s father’s phone number but he doesn’t know numbers. Hares help him)

Hares:We can help you .

Mr. Tom (calls Manya’s parents): Hello. I`m Tom- Hedgehog. We have found your

daughter. She is with us. We’ll be in your village in two hours.

Scene IV

Scenery: In the grandmother’s house.

Cat-Mother: I`ll see my daughter Manya.

Lucy: Grandma, I’m so happy. I’ll see my sister Manya.

(Hares, hedgehogs and Manya appear)

Cat-Mother: My dear (hugging Manya). Thank you all very much.

Lucy: Manya, we’re happy that you are with us.

Hares: We are happy that we have such kind friends.

Grandma: We want you to be our friends. We invite you to our birthday party.

Manya is 4 years old today.

Mr. Tom: We congratulate you on your birthday dear Manya!

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